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Commercial Projects

Tacoma is ready and equipped with to take on commercial projects of any size and scope. Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Optometry Clinics as well as commercial restaurant spaces.

Residential Projects

Looking for a custom kitchen designed just like you always imagined? look no further! We can create custom designs to meet your needs. Built in T.V. displays, Fireplace units, Bathroom vanities and closets. We can do just about everything just ask.

Our Story...

Where we build your visions

Here at Tacoma we strive to provide a customized experience to fit your needs. Large scale projects such as optometry clinics and condos to small kitchens and built in displays, Tacoma has you covered. Equipped with a knowledgeable staff, Tacoma is always at the ready to make your dreams a reality

Tacoma Woodworks was featured in the October/November 2019 issue of RENO&DECOR magazine check it out on page 24!

Easy 6 step process

1. Site consultation

It all starts with an on site meeting to discuss your specific needs, measure the space and of course, meet you.

4. Final Design

When we get to this point the hard part for you is over. We supply you with the final, in depth design outlining exactly what your project requires.

2. Preliminary Design

After the on site consultation, it is off to the drawing board. This is where we provide 3D renders to help you visualize the potential of your space, discuss design ideas and review the details.

5. Build

When we see those magic words "APPROVED" we are off to the races. We excel in fast turnaround times all while maintaining the quality we expect for our own homes.

3. Intermediate Design

This is the step where we make any changes or implement new ideas and get to the finer aspects of the project. Selecting colors, door styles and materials.

6. Installation

That is right we install it too! We provide a fast and very detail oriented installation service if you require it.

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recent projects

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